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Party Rules

We will have two judges one for each table (depending)

Games will start at 5 PM, feel free to come early but if you miss your song thats on you, dont be late

Ticket in is a 6 pack of your choosing, or donate to pizza

Prizes will be given out at the end, judges pick who wins what, and stats will determine some

If your song comes on while you are waiting for the other table to finish then your power ups will apply to the first song.

For the chuggler Power up, a person can only be given one chuggler for the whole party, they will receive some beads to mark that they have done it. If they are wearing their beads they can be targeted again (they can take it as much as they want on their own)

Any Ties will be settled by a 3 cup, flip cup playoff. One person from each team

No Blowing or fingering the balls out - lets keep it PG People

If the ball bounces off the table or cup any defender can smack it away

There is ONE thing that will get you an auto 5 teir power up whenever someone does it. Can only be for one person for the whole party, and they get all 5 power ups for the full song no matter if its someone elses.

*Hint it has nothing to do with music, think about what 10 year Cody was into.

Baseball Rules

Drinking Rules

  • Every 3 runs a full beer must be split by your team, any way you choose.
  • Your team can not bat until your beer(s) are done
  • 1 person can drink the whole thing or you can divide it up by all 5 of you

At Bat

  • 3 strikes - Out
  • Air Ball - Out
  • Catcher catches - Out


  • Off hand clean
  • Off Cup catches only
  • One Catcher at a time
  • Catcher must change Inning to Inning, must go thru all players before a player can catch again

On Base

  • Flip Cup base to steal
  • If you touch your base cup it triggers flip cup
  • You may ask the judge to move cup, judge must approve this is the only way to touch a cup

Defending Base

  • You are allowed to have your hand on the cup, but if you lift the cup it's an auto steal


  • 3 cup flip cup - ball never lies

Lossing Team

  • 2 Players have to take a shot

Power Up Rules

Power Ups Offense Defense Trigger
PU1 Extra strike - 4 strikes total Catch with strong hand Your Song is on
PU2 Auto Steal one base (if on base) Make player trying to steal have two cups - only vs you (once/person) Know melody (mumble a part),
air guiter/drum just show you heard the song before
PU3 Pick one person not defending to do a chuggler Pick one person not on base or up to bat to do a chuggler Sing chours, real words
PU4 Auto single but still can shoot for more Batter loses 1 strike - (down to 2 total) Sing a Verse, real words
PU5 Auto Double but still can shoot for more Make each cup worth one less, singles count as a strike Know the song better than everyone on the team youre playing
(need all teirs from before)